Anyone who has ever shredded the Vans Combi Pool knows it’s an extremely challenging place to skate. This is one of the reasons the annual Vans Pool Party is so popular. Every year gets crazier as the world’s top bowl riders try to outdo one another and come up with new tricks that have never been attempted before. The crowds this year did not disappoint, nor did the insane tricks. The wild Pro finals were topped off with our own Clay Kreiner and Iago Magalhães exclusively attempting over the legendary Ghost Gap.

Clay kept trying a massive heelflip frontside air over the channel into the round bowl followed by Iago also with a huge frontside Stalefish. The crowds went nuts as you can see in this video. While neither one made it during this sick solo session, Clay did make his several weeks before so we all know he can do it.

Check it out!