Just as we were starting to pick our jaws up off the floor from the shrederrific BOWL-A-RAMA contest in Bondi Beach, we all turned our eyes to the Australian Bowl-Riding Championships. Expectations were high after the excitement of BOWL-A-RAMA from the week before. Taking place in a larger bowl at Bar Beach, north of Sydney, the ABC contest certainly delivered. Our own Clay Kreiner took on Ivan Federico with a signature kickflip body varial 540 in his final run. This landed Clay in an super close 2nd place – resulting in “the closest final in the history of the event.”

Be the judge: check out Boardworld’s action-packed highlight reel above and let us know what you think.


1st: Ivan Federico (ITA)
2nd: Clay Kreiner (USA)
3rd: Sam Beckett (ENG)
4th: Keegan Palmer (AUS)
5th: Jono Schwan (USA)
6th: Josh Rodriguez (USA)
7th: Collin Graham (USA)
8th: Max Jenson (USA)


1st: Renton Millar (AUS)
2nd: Darren Navarrette (USA)
3rd: Pat Ngoho (USA)
4th: Luke Jones (AUS)
5th: Lester Kasai (USA)


1st: Poppy Olsen (AUS)
2nd: Amelia Brodka (POL)
3rd: Shanae Collins (AUS)
4th: Izy Mutu (AUS)
5th: Hunter Long (USA)


1st: Luigi Cini (BRA)
2nd: Kieran Woolley (AUS)
3rd: Dylan Donnini (AUS)
4th: Jed Ragen (AUS)
5th: Marley Rae (AUS)